Delivery of backdrops in Russia is carried out by the Russian Post company, a courier division of EMS.
Delivery of backdrops outside Russia is carried out by the Russian Post company, the "Accelerated" option.
Attention - at the moment, due to anti-epidemiological measures in Russia and other countries, the carrier does not provide strictly regulated delivery times for parcels outside Russia. This does not apply to delivery within Russia. For more detailed information on the situation with the delivery of parcels outside Russia, please follow the link.


Prices and payment

Backdrops prices are indicated in Russian rubles. You can convert the price into the currency of your country using specialized services on the Internet or the converter at the bottom of each page of our website.
For buyers from Russia, payment is made to the bank account of the individual entrepreneur (100% prepayment). Another option is possible, by agreement.
For buyers outside of Russia, payment is made using the PayPal service. The exact exchange rate of the ruble to the currency of your country is set by PayPal at the time of payment. Attention - the commission for PayPal money transfer (3-5%) is paid by the buyer.


How to make a purchase

1. Choose a backdrop of the required size you like. In the Shop site section, handmade backdrops are presented in sizes XL (210 / 310-330 cm), L + (210 / 235-240 cm), L (160/280 cm), M + (160/200 cm), M (106 / 160 cm). Each backdrop is unique and only exists in one size with one pattern.

2. Contact us via WhatsApp (+79110915628), tell us the number of the selected backdrop (06 / ...) and the city (country) where it needs to be delivered.

3. After confirming the presence of the backdrop and the cost of delivery, you can pay for the purchase through PayPal or to your current account.

4. Attention! PayPal money transfer commission (3-5%) is paid by the buyer!

5. The backdrops are sent twice a week (Tuesday, Friday), payment is received.


Assortment and production of custom-made backdrops

Each backdrops is unique and comes in only one size. We do not accept orders for manufacturing according to the sample, since it is practically impossible to repeat the color and pattern.

If at the moment there is no backdrops with a pattern or color that you like, subscribe to "Subscribe to site news" at the bottom of the page and receive notifications about the release of a new batch of fabric backdrops.

You can also leave a wish, which we will try to implement in the next batch of backdrops. You need to send a request to WatsApp. It must contain the size and example in the form of a photograph. If the pattern and background color are in high demand, we will try to fulfill your wish, but we cannot give any guarantees that the result will suit you. At the time of the release of the party, you will receive a notification (if you are subscribed).


Installation of backdrop

There are various options for Installation of backdrop and over time you will probably decide which one is best for you. Perhaps you will come up with your own.

You can see the most frequently used options for Installation of backdrop from the canvas in the video in the pinned stories under the description of our Instagram account.


Assortment update, how often

There is no exact interval between batch outputs. This interval is approximately 1.5 months. Subscribe to "Subscribe to site news" at the bottom of the page and receive alerts when a new batch backdrops is released.

Sometimes, a week before the release of a new batch backdrops, there may be a discount sale.


Customs fees when shipped outside Russia

We do not have up-to-date information on customs duties in your country. The cost of customs tariffs must be clarified independently and in advance.


Backdrop storage and maintenance

The artistic backdrop should be stored rolled up. If the backdrop is dirty, remove the dirt with a damp cloth. Do not use solvents, aggressive detergents, steam generators!

Frequent folding-unfolding of the backdrop does not harm it, and over time will make the backdrop fabric softer, which will be a plus for working with it.


Parcel packaging with backdrop

Each backdrop is placed in a foam tube with a wall thickness of 9 mm. After that, the backdrops are wrapped in wrapping paper and wrapped in tape. The smallest backdrops are sometimes packed in a thick cardboard tube.


What does the number/article backdrop mean?

First of all, it must be said that the background number/article consists of two numbers (01/02).

The first number is the batch number. The second number, the serial number of the product in this series.

The series number is updated with the transition to a new material, or due to a significant change in the drawing technique. Series 001-004 are the initial series when we were still looking for a good canvas. With the 005 series, work began on canvas, with which we are still working. In the 006 series there was a significant change in the drawing technique, excluding the possibility of paint peeling. Series 007, these are backgrounds on the same canvas, but the backgrounds are covered with a thin layer of metal. It's like a very thin gold foil. Series 008, which will hopefully appear at the beginning of the year after some tests, will be performed on a new canvas that has its advantages over canvas 005-007 and which will allow you to make backgrounds larger than XL.


What canvas do we use

For the production of the 005-007 series backdrops, we use a primed art canvas from an Italian manufacturer. The canvas is composed of 100% very strong medium grit cotton and covered with a thin layer of quality acrylic primer.

Canvas characteristics:

100% cotton, medium grain
Density 310 g / m2
on the basis of 12 / 1-24 threads in cm
by weft 6/1 - 10 threads per cm
The soil is universal. Top grade quality.

Contact us

The most reliable and fast way to contact us is the WhatsApp application. Unfortunately, email doesn't always work well. I sometimes find your letters in the SPAM folder, and sometimes my letters do not reach you at all.

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