Unique handcrafted art backdrops

In any product of creativity, in any work of art, nuances are important. It is the combination of many nuances that distinguishes an ingenious photo from just a good one. But these nuances, not only to repeat, but not everyone can recognize. I still study such nuances in the manufacture of my backdrops and only empirically.

The studio started its activities in 2017 in Russia.
Our backdrops are only made from high quality canvas made in Italy.
More information about the studio can be found on the Blog page.

Backdrops collections

Each new series is marked by some significant change in our product. You can find out more information about the specifics of each new series here


Making an artistic backdrop

At the moment, our 06 / ... and 07 / ... series craft backdrops are made only from high quality canvas, produced in Italy, with a density of 310 g / m2. The drawing is applied by hand, so each canvas has a unique texture that makes it unique.

The base for the backdrop is a robust 30 mm diameter aluminum tube. It simplifies the installation of the photophone and prevents it from damage during transport.

On our Instagram you can see photos taken using our backdrops. Photos were taken by our customers and directly by the master for the production of backgrounds Alexey Saveliev

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